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PhD American Studies – February 2019

I today officially accepted a place on a PhD in American Studies at Nottingham University which will now commence in February 2019 due to personal circumstances.

Ever since I was awarded an M.A. in Fine Art in January 2014 I have been working towards this outcome.

It has been a bumpy four years and a lot of spilt milk and broken plans in between not to mention some life-changing events which only my close friends know about but which have had enormous impact.

It has also been a learning curve about modern academia and the role of funding (especially for people over 50) and I am hopeful that this part-time PhD will be funded by a AHRC 4 Cities scholarship which I am applyign for in new year with N.U. support.

The subject of the PhD is close to my heart i.e. Illustration/ Music/Politics and as such a near perfect fit after many different approaches and options.

I have been through three PhD interviews, been accepted twice before (Loughborough and UAL St Martins) and had my fair share of academic arrogance and sheer stupidity to deal with…BUT..I have made it through and slowly built a very good proposal from the ashes of those previous attempts.

I am especially grateful to Dr Ian Waites at Lincoln University for his encouragement and constant support. The very fine Thames based proposal we built together will now go forward in a entirely poetic form as a part of a TRACK project revolving around Thames/ Trent locations. I also would like to thank Professor David Matless at N.U. for encouragement and helping write a very decent historical cultural geography proposal which again feeds into the TRACK poetry project.


I am also grateful to Dr Roger Sabin at St Martins for supporting the successful Scrapbook PhD which sadly I had to withdraw from last year before starting when events became to difficult to continue.

The process of creating that, in my opinion excellent idea, led directly to the concept behind the present PhD subject as I started looking at visual tropes and racial ‘stereotyping’ (ironically a word based on a print term!) as part of that proposal writing.

Indeed a part of that aborted PhD goes into the new proposal which can be read here:

PhD Proposal

Finally a word for Professor Richard H. King , Dr Sharon Monteith, Graham Caveney and other members of the Department of American and Canadian Studies at Nottingham University who gave of their time for free to conduct an excellent series of lectures on Southern Gothic Writers at Nottingham Contemporary last autumn.

As I sat down at the first event to see my old poetry publisher John Harvey ( M.A. American and Canadian Studies) and listened to Richard H. King I realised I was on the right path at last……the rest was easy and will probably involve listening to a lot of jazz which not a bad thing..just yesterday I found another David Stone Martin cover….

Lastly a big thank you to Fay Harding for her constant support in trying times and last and not least to Emma, my wife for being here and still being here despite everything…..

My struggles with academia are nothing compared to the struggle she has fought these past five years and hopefully she now coming through the dark days too….keep swinging kid ūüôā

It ain’t worth a thing if it ain’t got that swing…

The Art Object Revisited


Yoon Bahk scribing of the lecture as delivered...scribing of scribing..she found it a bit difficult :-)


This ‘redrawing’ of Hockney’s Rake’s Progress was what I delivered¬†at the¬†DRN Conference in New York in 2013.



Andrew Love provided an animation of Duchamp’s Urinal floating out Space Odyssey 2001 style to meet the plinth of ‘new knowledge’…to accompany it.

I now preparing some ‘notes’ to explain the sequence as there was no paper deliberately…it was a visual essay.

It examined the search for embodied ‘new knowledge’ as defined by Frayling in terms of where it located in an art object as ‘communicable’…I argued that this visual essay was both art work and textual therefore contained that communicable knowledge….in other words here is proof in the actual pudding of the presentation…

It sat alongside an American presenter who had produced a PhD in Graphic Novel form on same premise…..a bit ahead of myself here but it was pretty unique….still is.



DRAWOLOGY exhibition Bonington November

Exhibition: Drawology

Dates: Wednesday 20 November 2013 РFriday 6 December 2013
Time: Monday РFriday, 10 am Р5 pm
Location: Bonington building, Nottingham Trent University, NG1 5LS
Distorted drawing
‘I[who…?]you||you[me]Us’ humhyphenhum 2013 digital still.


Drawing is said to have the ability to record both its own making and the movement of the thoughts and body of the drawer.

Drawology brings together the work of several artists with differing practices, it aims to consider whether this premise is applicable to a specific process or genre of drawing or whether it is applicable to drawing generally.

In this respect the works in the exhibition represent an expanded field of contemporary drawing in a Fine Art context to include: works on paper, performance, moving image, installation, projections and three-dimensional drawings. The exhibition is part of a larger research project currently being undertaken by Deborah Harty entitled Drawing is Phenomenology.

Artists include:

  • Shaun Belcher
  • Sian Bowen
  • Rachael Colley
  • David Connearn
  • Paul Fieldsend-Danks
  • Maryclare Foa
  • Paul Gough
  • Joe Graham
  • Deborah Harty
  • Claude Heath
  • Juliet MacDonald
  • Jordan McKenzie
  • Lucy O’Donnell
  • humhyphenhum
  • Bill Prosser
  • Karen Wallis.


Date: Wednesday 20 November 2013
Time: 6 pm Р8 pm
Venue: The Bonington Gallery, Bonington building

This exhibition is curated and hosted by Bonington Gallery.



Alexander Mann’s Gnats – Conference Paper for Film-Philosophy conference.

Managed to write 4000 words for presentation Wednesday. Been doing nothing else last two weeks to get it done. To get into working shape for submission needs to be 5-7,000 words APA rigorous!

Here the document I taking as loaded onto Scribd earlier.

Studio Diary: June 4th: Mutt in Space


No drawing this week so far due to other matters. I did get to studio briefly but mostly I have been laying the groundwork for a busy summer. I have an extended commission. A paper on early cinema and the rest of M.A. to complete by October. To manage all this I am on a tight schedule and I already called in help with animating the DRN paper from my excellent animating colleague Andy Love. His initial experiments with R.Mutt in Space below ūüôā For the rest of his super work go to his blog here:¬†http://recursiveworlds.com


R Mutt Experiment 2… from Andy Love on Vimeo.

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