Some of my old cameras..

Here some of my old cameras. I started out taking photos as a teenager with a second-hand Zenith B which was great then I ‘upgraded’ to a Moscow Olympics Zenith E which for some reason never worked properly as the internal light meter was rubbish.

I picked up a Cosmic Symbol and used for a few years which has a brilliant Leica level lens. The Canon rangefinder is sweet and produces good photos. The Olympus was good until the foam went on shutter and not sure now if works at all.

Finally father my father passed away I inherited his Polaroid Land camera which he used to document his building work. Below a poem and illustration about that….

What cameras do your family/friends still have if any or is it all cameras on mobiles now? is that a good thing? have we lost something now everyone has 4k cameras in their pockets?

Carrying a big old camera around meant a level of intentionality which maybe we have lost.

My Father’s Things: Polaroid Land Camera