1991: Down-land Charcoal Drawings


On the 25th March 1991 I stood on the road between Blewbury and Upton in Oxfordshire with a wooden board and some charcoal and drew the image above.

On the 27th March I was drawing on Blewburton Hill and visited the Borlase Gallery in Blewbury a downland village about four miles from my hometown. The lady there directed me to the Rocket Press run by Jonathan Stephenson and a new chapter had definitely started.

These drawings were marked D1- D8 and I only have about half left.

Some lost through the press some given away.

I sometimes used my mother’s white bicycle to transport the board and materials. The image above was the first large drawing and was the beginning of a sequence of over 50 images. Some I have sold or given away. Some have disappeared. What have left I am uploading here.

They came out of an image I drew for Peter Astor’s Weather Prophets band recording of ‘Always the Light’ 12″ single in 1986 on Parliament Hill, London. Here that image.



Here the full sequence of down-land drawings.
Each drawing A1 scale approx 24 x 34″ charcoal and chalk on Bockingford paper.


I also created three colour images. Here the two I have left plus one sold through gallery at the time.


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  1. Really wonderful sketches of the landscapes reminds me of the David Hockney Yorkshire landscapes you should revisit your skill amazing sketches well done!

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