1991: Laura Stenhouse ‘Second Wind’ Illustrations



In 1991 my friend Laura Stenhouse who had been on Foundation at Oxford Polytechnic with me was doing a M.A. in Illustration at Central St Martins College in London. She very kindly decided to illustrate a set of my poems and songs as a boxed set of stone lithographs and etchings called ‘Second Wind’.

The illustrations are lovely and I helped her print from the already rare stones at Oxford Printmakers then on Cowley Road, Oxford.

As far as I know only one complete set of ‘perfect’ prints were completed. I do not have any of the prints just these rather blurry images which Laura gave me after the show.

The story is sadly affected by the loss of Laura about a decade ago when a history of mental illness led to her taking her own life. She leaves a loving husband in Bob and a beautiful daughter Josie and her fine artworks as her legacy.

She always supported my art and writing and I dedicate this blog post to her.

Thank You Laura.

The poems from the box called ‘Second Wind’ and ‘Watching Tom Mix’ can be read here: http://www.shaunbelcher.com/writing/?page_id=129

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4 thoughts on “1991: Laura Stenhouse ‘Second Wind’ Illustrations”

  1. Hi,
    My name is Rhiannon and I knew Laura in the 90s (I was only a teenager then). My Mum was a good friend of hers and my mum sadly passed away a few days ago. I have been going through her things today and came across a couple of Laura’s gorgeous cards that she made that she had given to my mum (one from her and Bob in 1996) and she had kept them as precious keepsakes. I hadn’t realised Laura had passed away. I was just tracking people down who knew my mum as she had been poorly for a long while and had wanted to let them know of her passing. Anyway, lovely to see some of her work here. I have fond memories of her smiling, giggling visits to my mum. Best wishes, Rhiannon

  2. Dear Rhiannon

    Thank you for getting in touch. I was on Foundation in Oxford in 1978 with Laura and knew her since then until her sad passing. I am still in touch with Bob and they had a lovely daughter Josie who now a young adult.

    What was your mother’s name I may have met her at some point?

    Condolences on your loss I lost both my parents over last ten years it a big thing to come to terms with.

    all best


  3. Dear Shaun,

    I very much enjoyed reading your blog post about Laura. She was my father’s cousin and I attended her memorial service which, if I remember correctly was held at St Catherine’s college in Oxford. I am not a student at St Catherine’s and my father thinks that they bought some of her art. I was wondering if you know anything about this as I would love to see that?

    Many thanks,
    Georgia Ross

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