1999: 3 Jay Christchurch Oxford


After two very difficult years temping in banks and utility firms in Edinburgh Ana and I moved back to my parents in Didcot then to Oxford in 1997. I started temping then gained library work at Brookes then the Bodleian Library and worked there and finally at St Catherine’s College Library full time from 1997 to 2001. I never really enjoyed library work but it better than my dad’s shovel again which the alternative. Ana and I drifted apart and she left in November 2000. Part of the break down in relationship was I am sure to do with my complete depression at losing all contact with art. I turned to americana music for salvation and Flyin Shoes Webzine was born.

The only bright spot was very brief and happened in May 1999 as part of the then fairly new Oxford Art Week. I showed one drawing ( I did three for the show) in the glorious surroundings of Christchurch Quad.Still the poshest venue I have ever shown in and probably always will be!


These drawings related to the ‘Icons of the Fields’ series. They were the only drawings until I got a studio in Nottingham in 2004 so a period of 10 years production!

I became involved through knowing Alun Ward a bright spark who was also very interested in the new-fangled web too.

I drew three images based around Pastor Moritz who travelled through the Thames Valley in 1782 from Germany. Only one image as above was shown.

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