1991: August : Ray Howard-Jones – Skomer Landscapes




I am indebted to David Stephenson for introducing me to Ray Howard-Jones a great spirit. Here photos taken when we visited Ray at her house in Hammersmith in August 1991. We then accompanied down to her tin shack at Skomer where I drew the landscapes.

David went on to make the documentary Ray of Light and there was a recent retrospective and catalogue edited by Tony Curtis too.


Image of Ray on rocks at Skomer by Raymond Moore

here a bookmark she gave me


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2 thoughts on “1991: August : Ray Howard-Jones – Skomer Landscapes”

  1. Hallo!
    It were very interesting to read impressions of an artist from
    Rocket press “stable” back to 1993-94 or so.
    I am an artist from Kiev(Ukraine) met at that time with David-he was so kind to showing me London museums..
    It so important to be open minded.
    Alexandre Lerman-Lutskevych

  2. I was fortunate to obtain 4 paintings by “Ray” Howard Jones which I still enjoy after many years. Really appreciated her artistic ability.

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