BACKWATER – A transmedia project?



I have been inspired by a fairly innocuous Victorian postcard I found online which symbolises where I come from..literally..

I hope to create a set of three related but different media outcomes from same basic idea. below some mock-ups of how it may come out…

The painting below is also a find. Acredited to one Evelyn Fothergill Abbot and painted in 1932.. It is a hither too unknown to me image actually painted in Long Wittenham allegedly but from angle of hill I would say more likely a view down from the Clumps…I will investigate..

(c) Reading Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
(c) Reading Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Painted the year my father born….Traced the artist..Evelyn Fothergill Robinson..member of New English Art Club with Alexander Mann and Nevinson etc…also connected to Arts and Crafts..exhibited at Baillie and Grafton Galleries pre marriage in 1917! here a black and white Italian painting. Also traced title of a Wittenham Clumps image yet.




As part of the new painting project I also hope to be taking photographs on the spot.



Trailer Star’s English Folk album….I hope….

Finally a new book of poems…


Time to get on with it 😉

Transmedia ..who knows..been dying to do this for years 🙂

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