Life Drawing with Jeannie Clark

Life Drawing

Had a good two hour session at the Methodist Church at end of my road at Jeannie Clark’s life-drawing class. First life-drawings I done in a very long time possibly 30 years!

Jeannie runs other sessions full details here:

Never knew her middle name Olwyn until today:-)

The long and winding road to Comic Art

Today marks a conscious change of direction.

I have put away the very few painted canvases I had left in the studio along with the paints.

I moved in to the 3rd space Studio in July 2011 ironically just as I preparing to tour the Salt pamphlet of poems. I moved to Sherwood in July 2010 with my wife Emma.

I have produced very few paintings whilst there in the past 7 years and it time to make unavoidable decisions as rationally as I can despite the impact of recent traumas.

From 2011 until January 2014 my focus was on drawing for the NTU MA.

This developed the Moogee cartoon persona into some quite serious cartooning and research.

However from mid 2014 when my course closed and I decided to go on a NTU creative writing M.A., which now seems utterly ridiculous but at the time seemed to make sense, I have struggled to use the studio properly. Partly this my own fault and partly outside events impacting on me.

So today I cleared away the paint and canvases and dedicated the space to ‘Comic Art’. I will use drawing and graphic means to visualise ideas.

This goes alongside a return to writing represented by the recent ‘Lost Nottingham’ poems.