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Nottingham Poetry Festival Event


Lost Nottingham : Hidden Stars

2pm – 4pm Saturday 21st April

Private View and launch of ‘Lost Nottingham’ project. Shaun Belcher will read the ‘Hidden Stars’ poems alongside the visual display of the comic panels.


The launch of a fascinating poetic and illustrative project curated by local comic artist and poet, Shaun Belcher. Unearthing some of the forgotten secrets of people and places in Nottingham ranging from Charlie Chaplin in Carrington to Motown Stars.  There’s a lot to discover and the project runs throughout the festival with readings and discussion on 21st and 28th. For more information please visit the NPF website.


Lost Nottingham : Lost Nottingham Open Mic

2pm – 4pm Saturday 28th April

Jermy and Westerman Bookshop, 203 Mansfield Road, NG13FS


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Group website: https://pomaarts.wordpress.com


Social Media links: https://www.facebook.com/POMAarts/


Poet website: http://www.shaunbelcher.com



Poet social media links: https://www.facebook.com/shaunbelcherwriting/


It is hoped to involve other writers and artists in future versions of the project to produce a ‘Lost Nottingham’ book. I will be inviting submissions on the theme and other writers to read on the 28th April.



Some recent daily drawings form the blog posts section….



The cartoon dog has grown up and although still answering to MOOGEE and still chasing sticks and pissing on art he is branching out into the wild and wonderful world of graphic novels and comic art for good…..follow his adventures here…


Daily Drawing: Horse Brass

This kind of horsebrass I remember from my grandparents in the country front room mantlepiece but I think this particular one was bought as a birthday present in Suffolk at Southwold for my wife.


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