DECADE: ten years of painting comes to an end

DECADE will be my last abstract painting show.

The works exhibited are the last paintings I have.

I have struggled to exist as a painter in this city since I arrived and before that for 20 years I virtually ceased painting as I had no studio or money for materials.

I view the contemporary fine art world as essentially corrupt to the core and dominated by politicised funding that means that as a male white individual (working class has no bearing) at age 60 I have no chance of any further support of any kind. This is not an old man’s delusional belief it grounded in a stark appreciation of reality.

I will not stop drawing and I see my future in the illustration/ comic/ graphic novel area if anywhere at all.

If not that then I will give up entirely.

I would like to personally thank Steven Ingman for his support over the last ten years ( I moved into 3rd Space in 2010) and hopefully both the studio and myself can flourish in the years to come but for now the paint is dry the brushes are worn.


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