Pre-Easter blues and gold


Well I’m still standing and still on course…but having had to rein in most of my ideas to safe level.

Basically have to complete 12 canvasses/collages by April 21st (about a month) no longer really care about finished artworks to be honest as more pressing matters like will I actually survive the summer taking precedent.

The ‘performance’ at Lincoln will consist of a recording played through the wooden record player….I cannot facilitate anything else. I also have to work until 5pm that day so makes getting to show at all quite interesting….unless can switch hours.

Meeting with mentor this evening so hopefully will have planned out most of show by then. Using collage as well as paint may be way forward (see influences above).

Interesting day yesterday was contacted over weekend by Mark Staff Brandl from Switzerland where he an artist/critic. He added a slightly modified Moogee cartoon to Sharkforum Blog from Chicago. I also listened to interview with a Swiss art group called Zeitgarten (Timegarden) on Bad at Sports podcast which had interesting take on ‘social archaeology’approach that similar in some ways to Maurice Maguire / David Patten work in Birmingham (very good session with him last Monday) but basically operates only through council or other body ‘funding’ event etc model.

Increasingly I seem to be being driven into a no-win situation..rock and a hard place scenario… funding or ‘contemporary funding’ not available as either not under 30…EFS model backing Moot an example or not socially contributive model….i.e. I not a ‘finger paints or ethnic masks’ maker…

I increasingly seem to have more in common with artists in Chicago and Basel than frankly some of the gauche rich white kids playing at ‘modern art’ which thriving here….so maybe trying to get some artworks ‘abroad’ the only option…

But then catch 22…digital would be easy..real works less so…

Music sales are dead?

My ‘work’ falls in between like a lot of musicians the selling the recording model is broken

(see Freemium article in Wired magazine )

Zero marginal cost
What’s free: things that can be distributed without an appreciable cost to anyone. Free to whom: everyone.

This describes nothing so well as online music. Between digital reproduction and peer-to-peer distribution, the real cost of distributing music has truly hit bottom. This is a case where the product has become free because of sheer economic gravity, with or without a business model. That force is so powerful that laws, guilt trips, DRM, and every other barrier to piracy the labels can think of have failed. Some artists give away their music online as a way of marketing concerts, merchandise, licensing, and other paid fare. But others have simply accepted that, for them, music is not a moneymaking business. It’s something they do for other reasons, from fun to creative expression. Which, of course, has always been true for most musicians anyway….

On that basis it a waste of time even trying to manufacture and sell music recordings ….instead the music becomes an ‘advertorial’ means of maybe driving forward sales of artwork…which individual original pieces as long as ‘hand crafted’ if I stray into ‘digital territory’ I back to the endless replication catch 22…or back into ‘pleading for funding’ arena.

In the ‘Free’ article this called EXTERNALITIES……..what we as artists can sell as opposed to ‘give away’ in the new cashless culture is this sense of hand-crafted and not replicated…interesting view…which goes a long way to hitting the exact targets set out in the course’s rather banal ‘business and CPD’ targets. I deliberately chose the CD and songs route for show as a way of ‘creating product’ however the songs and CD are really just ‘bait’ for the items I may be able to sell….

i.e. Canvasses……crazy but that way all creative industries musician no matter how talented will survive by recordings sold it all about EXTERNALITIES..i.e. playing live….creating original artifacts….limited editions….real limited editions not the corrupt digital print ethics so common now…..endless supply, print on canvas etc etc…

The economic downturn will highlight this…

just like gold prices soaring when things get difficult people put faith in reality NOT cyber space….I hope…

ROCK = try and make living by selling individual small canvasses… up reputation

MIDDLE =web design and teaching – only other realistic source of income left???? …if not teaching then TESCOS shelf-filling…..????

HARD PLACE = social intervention model…create artworks that draw down funding because socially enabling….Patten/Maguire model….high end rather than ‘City Arts’ finger painting level….maybe…

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