Disappearing Paintings March 2016

I painted these three canvases after Spectrum paints very kindly sent me some new tubes of oil paint. Sadly my ground wasn’t suitable and the linseed leaked into the support discolouring the painting. I painted over. However I am re-painting the main and to my mind most successful image below.


Digital Drawings February 2016

Three Large Canvases April-May 2015

New Paintings April 2015

Six Drawings April 2015

Chalk and Watercolour Drawings March 2015

Painting 1985 + 2015 – Nothing Changes


1984 London




1985-8 London abstract work used as covers for The Weather Prophets band.

walpaint2015 something remarkably similar on the wall of my studio……plus ca change…


Nottingham Open 2015

These the only three pieces of work this year and they were all submitted.

The selectors took the two drawings..have to work harder on paintings ūüôā

The full list of exhibitors here: http://nottinghamcastleopen.com/




July 2014: Optimism – back in studio painting


Here the first coloured drawing from a couple of weeks back and a new three part 12′ x 4′ canvas.



This connects directly with my mid to late 1980’s work…..especially the Record Sleeve paintings.


Plus ca change…


Two canvases – Lady Bay May 2014


newart'Punky' 2014 Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 24" £300

These two canvases were painted in may last year before the Lady Bay ‘Moogee’ show. They were shown but in a hallway but many people may have missed them.

I did not put online at time as they been at my friend Stephe’s from last May until recently. I forgot about them when I submitted to the Open. They may indicate where I headed in the new sequence I will be working on for this year’s Lady Bay show. Again it will be at 117 Holme Road ūüôā

newart2'Paradise' 24" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas 2014    £300

‘Back to the Red Barn’ – Uncollected works



Red Barn 2005 watercolour and pencil on paper 24" x 36" £200

I have just completed a complete archive of work from 1975-2000. 25 years of strange stuff indeed. In the process I found some images that had slipped the net when creating this current catalogue so here they are.

Here a watercolour form 2005 and two drawings from Egerton Studio in 2004.

All work on this blog is for sale.

Please use the contact email if interested or contact me through social media.

survey'Youlgreave' Watercolour and pencil on paper 24" x 36" £200

Summer 2014: Painting and Drawing – Nottingham Open


These two drawings were accepted and shown in the Nottingham Open 2014. These two pieces  were easily selected for my submission because they along with the large three part canvas below were the ONLY three pieces of work I completed in 2014.


James Elkins: Artists with PhDs illustrations

These are the final dozen illustrations as delivered to James Elkins for his 2nd Edition of Artists with Phds book (Published May 2014). It enabled me to successfully complete my M.A. by registered project for which I received a distinction in January 2014.

My thanks to James Elkins for a ‘revealing’ experience although I maybe now know more than I need to about Fine Art Phds and their academic validity:-)

Available from Amazon here:

DRN Conference New York October 2013 – Hockney Revisited

Sequential Drawing Research: January – May 2013

Drawing Research Conference 2012 -Loughborough – Moogee V Frayling

New Paintings and Drawings: October 2012

Nottingham Open and Crocus Gallery September/October 2012

I had work in two exhibitions in succession. The works were created especially for the shows from previous sketchbook ideas.

Research: TTD STEAM Wimbledon September 2012: Mostyn Llandudno March 2012

Most of this summer when not dealing with my mother’s passing on 8th June has been spent working on presentations for a series of conferences. Full details available on my Research Blog

This has arisen from the drawn analysis of research I have been doing. Examples above. Full sequence of Moogee V Frayling available on blog or academia edu : http://nottinghamtrent.academia.edu/ShaunBelcher

I was also asked to be a ‘live scriber’ at the STEAM conference at Wimbledon College of Art and presented Moogee cartoons at a Humour conference at Mostyn, Llandudno in March 2012.

New Moogee 2012: Modern Art School and Modern Art World

New Studio Space: January 2012

The new year 2012 from January – April I shared a space in the studio as the main building was infected with a hideous black mould. It wasn’t until April that the problem sorted and the rebuild of studio happened. I then took over the space I currently in. This has been the first time in my life I have had a dedicated room for painting in ūüôā I was also asked to create a show for NCN in march so I drew a whole new set of Moogee cartoons on two themes – The Modern Art School and Modern Art World.

New Paintings: September-December 2011

A difficult series of paintings done whilst dealing with my mother’s slow decline with cancer. I deliberately tried to be more positive and went back to some stock symbols I had used throughout the eighties in my work. I also consciously tried to ‘layer’ these symbols like ‘tags’ across the already pretty flat canvas surface.

A glimpse of painting: Youlgreave 2008

Whilst preparing for the ‘Connect’ show I did complete two gouaches and two small¬† landscape paintings based on a visit to Youlgreave in Derbyshire painted from memory and some snap shots. A moment of sanity in the madness I did not have a studio by this point and wouldn’t have one again for three years.

Moogee at Goldfactory July 2008

Well post ‘Connect’¬†I let rip for a week in the Goldfactory space ( the empty space I left when I decamped briefly to the City Arts project then swapped into Mik Godley’s old space). We used the empty spaces to stage some very successful ‘art research’ shows ¬†and I created the Goldfactory website and managed¬†the project¬†along with Paul Matosic.

For my research space month I worked directly on to the large end wall creating highly controversial cartoons attacking everything I could think of especially ACE and academia ironically as it responded by giving me a permanent post that Autumn.

Suit of Nettles: Collection July 2008

I was struggling to focus on the Lincoln/Derby CONNECT course financed by the Arts Council as I was fast learning how to survive in academia.

I finally pulled together (literally) a show based around a collection of recorded songs in the manner of Daniel Johnston’s shows and performances.

I painted 12 canvasses in a weekend each an ‘illustration’ of a song on the CD. To bulk out a fairly weak bunch of paintings I dressed in character for the private view and played a ‘fake’ vinyl copy of the record in the foyer. The really cutting Moogee cartoons were put on hold as ‘not suitable for a public space’ and I did not want to offend the staff at The Collection who were much nicer and more knowledgeable than the course academics to be honest. I played a part and walked away not having upset anybody.

The record ‘Suit of Nettles’¬†and can be heard and seen here :

I did play one gig as ‘Trailer Star’ as part of an ACE funded event at the Oldknows building later that summer.


Drawing Out NTU May 2008

My mentor for connect was Terry Shave and he invited me to submit work for the NTU staff drawing show in May 2008 ( I was still a HPL – hourly paid lecturer at this point). ¬†I managed to sneak a fairly political re-drawing of Conrad Atkinson’s 1978 palette map of the art world. My version replaced main categories with ‘fashion’ and ‘facebook’ looks like I got that spot on……

Cartoony Drawings 2007



Connect: Lincoln 2007-8


In September 2007 I embarked on a one-year part-time postgrad ‘Arts Practice’ course through Derby University and The Collection,¬†Lincoln.

Ironic considering the Moogee target of 2006. Turned out that it confirmed a lot of ideas I had about the Arts Council and its networks as nepotistic, immature and corrupt and that was just the tutors on the course!

It ended with a strange exhibition in the very fine Collection main gallery. I had to cover my Moogee tracks with a concocted a piece of work which basically papered over the cracks to keep people happy. I received a certificate for completing the course and promptly threw everything to do with it apart from the paintings into the bin.


Moogee column Arts Hub 2006-7






Noticed by Arts Hub Moogee started writing a weekly column along with a cartoon. Here a selection.

Moogee the Art Dog: Waiting for Saatchi 2006




The first appearance of Moogee the Art Dog¬† – originally an accessory for the ‘contemporary artist’ and named after MUJI the shop. This cartoon strip may be seen as a tad cynical or realistic depending on your point of view.