A few years ago I purchased a dilapidated sketchbook from Jermy and Westerman bookshop in Nottingham.

It formed the basis of a PhD application in May of this year to Central Saint Martins to be supervised by Professor Roger Sabin the comics expert.

At that point life got in the way and without divulging the exact reasons although the application was successful and was to be self financed I was unable to take up this October.

I deferred the offer until October 2018 and will see how things pan out this year.  I have been officially told twice that I am too old to receive AHRC funding for PhD at 59 yet ironically will still be eligible to take out a loan which says it all about our screwed up education system…..money talks.

Inside the remains of the scrapbook which I cautiously dated as circa 1823 were a range of print techniques and subjects.

Some of the most interesting are shown below and fall into the caricature definition and in three cases show remarkable similarity to some of Seymour’s work. The three images in particular I examining as possibly Seymour’s are below. The third is a definite Pickwickian contender…

To that end I sharing these images with Stephen Jarvis’s Death and Mr. Pickwick page on facebook to see if the author and his connections can give any authority to my suspicions although caricaturists did work in a variety of styles and it possible that this another artist copying Seymour’s sketches.

Finally there a unknown book image and a Hood image from the scrapbook.