About three years ago whilst researching a paper on Dickens and Seymour (the first illustrator of Pickwick Papers). I found and purchased a slightly wrecked Victorian Scrapbook of the 1830s from the Jermy and Westerman bookshop on Mansfield Road. It seemed to fit into the timescale of the paper (1836) and I was fascinated by the way hand drawn, theatre figures, cartoons and topographical lithographs existed side by side in the artefact. I didn’t really think much more of it and archived it in my studio.

Yesterday I had a really interesting chat with a potential PhD supervisor in London and I took parts of the scrapbook with me.  It looks like I may finally have found an institution and supervisors who understand what I have been doing all these years. I am very hopeful that finally I shall be re-entering academia on equal terms and to do work I really want to do. The irony for me that it in London after I seem to have traveled full circle from Hornsey College of Art all those years ago!

I will be posting material relevant to the proposal and hopefully PhD once commenced here in the future.

For now here some random Ebay images of for sale scrapbooks showing how fertile an area this is and hopefully one that will produce genuine ‘new knowledge’ to boot.