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Shaun Belcher is a particularly British landcape artist.

He specialises in charcoal, oil, gouache and watercolour images of the English landscape that reflect the traditional values of Turner, Constable, Paul Nash and William Nicholson but adds a particularly post-modernist slant.

His interest in environmental change and its effect on the English landscape is reflected in his working methods with drawings completed on location. To do this he spent many hours on an old white bicycle trundling around the highways and byways of Oxfordshire.

His travels have taken him from his birthplace near Wittenham Clumps south of Oxford to the Gower Peninsula in Wales and from the Wolds of Leicestershire to the Tuscan hills.

His works are available at competitive rates and he is happy to undertake commissions.

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A series of black and white charcoal drawings of the South Downs below Oxford and three colour gouaches. Drawings were done entirely in open air during a series of bycycle rides around the downs.

hill 3

hill 6

hill 7

hill 8

hill 10



Subjects included the iron age hill forts at Wittenham Clumps and Blewburton Hill which were both drawn by Paul Nash in the 1920's through to the 1940's. The paintings are informed by the landscape work of David Bomberg.

hill a

hill b

hill c

hill 9

hill 11

hill 5



Wittenham Clumps were first drawn by Paul Nash in the early years of the 20th century and he later painted a series of images of the twin hills in later life. Shaun Belcher grew up on a farm overlooking these hills so these images are informed by a personal sense of place.

Wittenham Clumps
Charcoal Drawings on paper 24" x 36"

clumps 2

clumps 3

clumps 1

The poet Maura Dooley wrote the following poem
to accompany the Wittenham Clumps images.


You took the slow approach, frightened
not of kicking up dust on long-limbed hills
but of those earlier visitors who in ink on paper,
in colour on canvas, with a spade in chalk
have all tried to explain it.

Here you are then, walking
through charcoal and print, a new path
to Wittenham Clumps and our imagined pasts.

Simplify us. We climb into every frame
with butterfly net and map, camera and Bar-B-Q,
dragging a colony of desires. Remember only
the pylons, sky like an open book,
that constellation of birds and paint us out.


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